~ who is gumdrop hydra? ~

who is? copyI am a self taught, intuitive artist of a surrealist nature. This blog is where I post photos of works in progress mainly paintings and occasionally back to my pencil roots; a drawing or two. Wholly self taught unless you count 3 days in Art 101 a few decades past…

So, that being said ~ I am sincerely pleased you are here in my virtual studio, looking at my strange work. For art is life as I breathe and think and move about in and out of private consciousness into the collective. Characters born out of the myst, hushed stories unfolding on paper and canvas. Fantasy, space exploration, juxtaposed emotions, the very nature of our solo journeys. Dark playing with the light again.

My work is available for purchase here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/GumdropWorldwide.

There you will find lovely fine quality note cards and prints which I humbly make with my own two hands under the penniless HopToad Press label. (a subsidiary of Gumdrop WorldWide of course). I do artwork gratis for bands/musicians and always up for collaborative work.





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